COMMERCIAL PARTNERs (Call derek at 1-877-910-0467 for details)

Health Professionals / Recommenders
We make the best juice in the world and many professionals have found it remarkably effective in personal use.  When professionals recommend use to their clients, we support them with the Health Professionals / Recommenders Program.  This program allows customers to buy juice directly from DynamicGreens wheatgrass and the referring party is entitled to a referral fee.  While some commercial partners take no compensation for conflict of interest reasons, we encourage full participation and need the support of dedicated professionals.  This program supports:
  • Health professionals and recommenders who place orders for personal use
  • Health professionals and recommenders who direct their clients to DynamicGreens for wheatgrass juice
This Program Features Health Food Store Margins

Our juice is unpasteurized and cannot be sold in retail stores.  This makes our juice uniquely capable of delivering health results and your identification of it and recommendation to your clients critically important.  In recognition of this, we have designed the program to feature health food store profitability as defined by an easy to understand formula.  Please call Derek at 1-877-910-0467 for complete details.

Who Qualifies For The Program

This health professionals / recommenders group is loosely defined as individuals that have an established client base which continues to grow.  This group is wide ranging and includes:
  • Medical Doctors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Dieticians
  • Nutritionists
  • Fertility Clinics
  • Live Blood Cell Analysis Experts
  • Personal Trainers
  • and more...

Web Site Affiliate Program
The DynamicGreens Affiliate Program provides a 10% referral fee for helping spread the word about our juice.  There is no cost to become an affiliate, it takes seconds to set up and you bring an incredibly powerful food to people who will thank you for it.  It's a win-win situation!  The program supports:
  • Web site information sources who place links to our site
  • Email marketers who place links in their email
  • Facebook users and bloggers of all types who share their experiences online
Here is how you earn immediate 10% referral fees:
  • Web site operators place a link we provide on their site.  When the link is clicked, a permanent tracking cookie is placed on the computer which assigns the customer to you. If that computer is used to buy wheatgrass juice, you receive a 10% referral fee on the total purchase amount (including shipping)
  • Recommenders place an order in a special order page.  At this time, you assign the customer to yourself permanently and earn a 10% referral fee on the total purchase amount (including shipping).  Alternatively, you may wish to provide your client lists to us which we will handle in the strictest of confidence.
Here is how you earn future referral fees:
  • the customer will be linked to you in our database
  • if the customer buys again, you will earn an additional 10% referral fee for each future purchase
Payment schedule:
  • Referral fees accumulate and we mail checks to our affiliates on a quarterly basis.  If you have a question about the status of your account, just call us at 1-877-910-0467 anytime and ask for Derek.
We offer a wide variety of links including graphics, banners, etc. which you can find here.  Use any you wish provided that your page continues to sell wheatgrass juice as a DynamicGreens affiliate. 

Earning Possibilities
Although we only have one product, we have 5 different sizes and 2 countries that we proudly service.  Referral fees are paid out in your local currency.
Country Size Cost 10% Referral Fee Per Sale
US Flag 100 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice         USD 189 USD 18.90
200 Fl. Oz. Box Of Wheatgrass Juice USD 329 USD 32.90
300 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice USD 459 USD 45.90
400 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice USD 579 USD 57.90
600 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice USD 839 USD 83.90
CA Flag 100 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice CAD 189 CAD 18.90
200 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice CAD 329 CAD 32.90
300 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice CAD 459 CAD 45.90
400 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice CAD 579 CAD 57.90
600 Fl. Oz. Order Of Wheatgrass Juice CAD 839 CAD 83.90
Enrollment in the Program
Simply submit a complete application by clicking the button below and we will evaluate your application in good faith. We will notify you by email if your site has been accepted or rejected.  We may reject your application if we determine that your site is unsuitable for the our affiliate program.
What You Need To Know About The regulatory Environment
DynamicGreens makes biologically active unpasteurized juice to ensure that we deliver maximum nutrient values and the maximum health benefit possible.  Retail businesses cannot sell unpasteurized frozen juice like ours.  This restriction originates with United States regulations that mandate that unpasteurized juice can only be sold directly to consumers from the producer.  These regulations have international implications.  Find out more about these regulations (Bill S 510 and HACCP) by clicking the button below: