Remove a juice package from the freezer and leave it on the counter for 1 minute before proceeding.

  • Follow the instructions on the back of the label which show you how to break apart the cubes by twisting the package. You can also use this technique which is preferred when using smaller amounts of juice: alternative removal technique

  • Cut open the top of the bag with scissors.

  • Add the desired number of cubes (0.5 fl. oz each) to a glass.

  • Add at least 3 x more water than juice (room temperature, non-chlorinated water preferred)

  • Stir to thaw and drink it as it thaws.

  • To speed the melt, simply use more water.

Please avoid using heating, hot water or microwaves to speed the melt. Heating the wheat grass juice destroys the vitamins and enzymes and compromises its living qualities.

Check out our helpful Superfood eBook for more details.


Yes, we’ve put the stopwatch on this. Adding 3 parts room temperature water speeds the melt, makes the juice tastes great and it can be ready in under 2 minutes if stirred constantly. Most simply prepare a glass, give it a quick stir and return in a few minutes making for almost effortless preparation.


Wheatgrass For Children And Kids

Wheatgrass For Teens And Young Adults

Wheatgrass For Mature Adults

It Is Like A Salad In A Glass

  • It is safe and appropriate for the entire family
  • Our wheatgrass juice is tested gluten free
  • You can drink any amount you wish
  • You can start / stop drinking wheatgrass juice at any time

Trust Your Instincts

  • You may find that you prefer more or less so feel free to increase or decrease the amount you consume

  • Feel confident in your food choice (wheatgrass is fantastic)

  • Know that the juice is 100% available to your body

  • Take confidence in the fact that our juice is and will always be entirely unprocessed

Preparation Is Quick & Easy

  • Each cube of wheatgrass juice is 0.5 Fl.
  • Add 3 parts room temperature water to gently and rapidly melt the juice
  • Keeping the water temperature below 108F ensures that even sensitive organics like enzymes remain vital
  • It can be fully thawed in under 2 minutes with constant stirring but most people sip it as it thaws
  • Drink it within 10 minutes before oxidation degrades it


We have many family members that drink wheatgrass juice as part of a healthy lifestyle. Depending on individual preferences, we prepare and drink anywhere between 1 fl oz and 10 fl ozs in a day.

  • Tom, at 76, drinks about 5 – 8 fl ozs per day

  • Derek, at 47, drinks about 2.5 ozs per day

  • Janice, at 73, drinks about 5 fl ozs per day

  • John, at 50, drinks about 1 fl oz per day

  • Derek’s kids at 7 and 11, are served 0.5 fl oz per day (but don’t drink it every time)

  • The only real rule of thumb involves the kids. When serving your kids, serve yourself last as they tend to drink it about 50% of the time at first and you don’t want any to go to waste.