Wheatgrass is high quality food that is desired because it contains a small amount of a broad range of nutrients.

Why Nutrition Matters

Our bodies orchestrate endless biochemical reactions that create and maintain life.  Some are called enzymatic processes and they are characterized by changing a molecule from one substance into another.  This is how the body converts the foods we eat into things like bone, ligaments, finger nails, hair and tissue.  You can read more about this at Wikipedia.

Each process requires a precise combination of nutrients to function properly. When a vital component is missing, a process will either be abandoned, require excessive amounts of energy to complete, or simply become dysfunctional.  When all components are present, the processes occur much faster and consume a fraction of the energy of un-catalyzed reactions.

Click on the specific nutritional categories below to learn more about the sophisticated relationship between various nutritional elements:

Nutrient Functionality

Common Benefits

Our bodies run entirely on water, air and food.  This means that food energy indirectly drives every single system in the body. When the body is improperly supported, any system can fail. When the body is properly supported, any system can excel.

You may see spectacular results such as:

  • A physical and mental sense of well-being
  • More energy and better sleep
  • A strong immune system
  • Efficient detoxification systems
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lessened appetite cravings
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Improved eyesight and night vision

As a result:

  • You suddenly start accomplishing more every day
  • You seek out activities you had been dreading in the past
  • You return to being an active participant in your own life

Need to see it to believe it:

  • Seek out a live blood cell analyst in your city.  High powered microscopes allow you to see the unclumping of oxygen-carrying red blood cells and much more.

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