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This form collects your contact information so that we can setup your profile, track transactions, contact you as necessary?and send referral payments?to you personally or to your company. Our partners never hold inventory or are required to enter credit card information.

Please note the?Terms and Conditions at the bottom before submitting the sign-up form as it outlines the parameters of our partnership.

Terms & Conditions

Our program is appropriate for trusted recommenders who are expanding their product portfolios, believe in our wheatgrass juice?and have a client base to introduce it to.?Our program is not appropriate for multi-level marketers or internet marketing organizations seeking to obtain new clients on our behalf.

The affiliate partner program?is funded from our marketing budget. Activities undertaken must create additive sales to DynamicGreens and not be competitive with our own existing revenue streams. This means you cannot utilize online advertising services where we frequently operate such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and others where you would compete only directly with us. You should also be cautious in using our?brand name as it is more appropriate to draw attention to wheatgrass juice generically and your unique service offering. We carefully select the channels through which our juice is available to protect our partners. You may not place juice into any?retail sales environment whether bricks and mortar such as a local health food store or at online retailers such as

We reserve the right to modify or cancel our program at any time, for any reason, without notice, subject to the law.

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