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Wheatgrass Growing Since 1972

I’m Tom Stem and my wife, Janice, is responsible for bringing wheatgrass juice to our family. She became aware of this wonderful food after reading a book given to us by a neighbor in the early 1970’s. We immediately connected with the raw food philosophy and the simple concept that by eating the best, we could be our best.

Our love affair with wheatgrass juice began long ago and it continues to grow stronger with time. To this day, we are enthusiastic consumers of wheatgrass juice and now, more than ever, believe that the nutrition it provides is unique and exceptional.

We Make Exceptional Juice

No one makes juice like we do. We make the only wheatgrass juice in North America which is both unpasteurized and created from field grown plants. It doesn’t stop there, here is our:
list of unique advantages.

We Never Stopped Improving

We haven’t been standing still all these years. We have been constantly refining, testing, understanding and improving everything we do. Everything has changed including our land management, farm implements, juicing process, packaging, filling system and freezing technology. Check out the differences between
what we do now vs then.

In perfecting our craft, we have come to know:

  • You must grow it outdoors to eliminate molds and simple sugars
  • Mother nature packs far more nutrition into the plant than the greenhouse
  • When it is field grown, it tastes pretty good
  • You can’t benefit if you can’t drink it
  • Your body will absolutely love it

Our passion for wheatgrass juice has been unwavering and I believe that yours will be too! Give it a try, you will be glad you did. Many thanks to our wonderful and loyal customers. You make the effort incredibly worthwhile.



We Only Harvest The Best 25%

To manage weather variability, we simultaneously plant our wheatgrass on fields with heavy clay soil and fields with sandy loam soil. Depending on precipitation levels, one soil type will out-perform the other. The heavy clays perform best in light precipitation while the well draining sandy loams perform best when there is ample precipitation.

Within a specific soil type, we select the best fields. As we use no herbicides whatsoever, some fields will have weed infiltration and cannot be used while others will be beautifully clean. We select the best fields and literally plow the rest under.

Wheatgrass Juice Flash Frozen In Our Nitrogen Freezer


Field Growing

Great juice starts in the field where plants are allowed to mature naturally. The key advantages of field grown wheatgrass vs greenhouse grown wheatgrass are:

  • 6 x deeper root system
  • 10 x longer growth cycle
  • Up To 50% higher nutrient levels
  • Zero simple sugars (in the outdoor plant, they convert to complex carbohydrates)
  • Superior nutrition with higher phytonutrients
  • Absolutely no wheatgrass mold problems

Timely Harvesting

Wheatgrass is harvested for juicing when the grass reaches its nutritional peak. Harvesting at the right time means:

  • The plant is harvested just before the jointing stage
  • The height measures between 7 and 11 inches tall
  • The wheatgrass is full of energy accumulated for a massive growth spurt

When ready, the optimal harvest window opens for only a few days and it cannot be missed. Harvesting too early or too late are both problematic as juice will not have the proper nutritional density.

Juicing For Bio-Availability

Wheatgrass is a wonderful plant; however:

  • We cannot digest its fibres to access the nutrition contained within
  • We need the mechanical intervention of a juicer
  • A juicer pulverizes the plants cellular structures to express minuscule nutritional elements

The benefits of wheatgrass juice come from the tiny nutritional elements is that they are essentially predigested. This means it is very easy to assimilate and utilize the life force of the plant.

Nitrogen Flash Freezing

To keep the juice nutritionally active, you need prevent ageing caused by light, air and heat.

At DynamicGreens, we protect the juice by:

  • A continuous, non-stop wheatgrass juice making process
  • Working in a closed system that is atmosphere free
  • Vacuum packing the wheatgrass juice
  • Flash freezing in our nitrogen freezer

These methods keep the biological age of the wheatgrass juice at zero so that it retains its life force without compromise.

Wheatgrass Is The Only Perfectly Complete Food

Wheatgrass is unique as being the only singularly life sustaining food available. Nothing at any grocery or health food store can make the same claim. This claim is supported by agricultural research dating back to the 1930’s where cereal grasses were tested head to head with spinach, broccoli and alfalfa. For more than 80 years, wheatgrass has been the undisputed king of raw foods.