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Wheatgrass juice makes people happy. It provides the vitality needed for you to actively participate in your own life.

Derek Stem
Wheatgrass Farmer (2nd Generation)

Steve "Sproutman" Meyerowitz

Wheatgrass juice is literally condensed sunlight energy. It is one of the most potent healing agents on the planet.

Steve “Sproutman” Meyerowitz
Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine

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When you feel terrific, every moment of your day becomes enjoyable.

Your body is ready, willing and able to excel but it needs fuel. Sometimes, we forget that we only run on water, air and food. That’s it! Food drives every single system and when the body is properly supported, it can do wonders. There is no better support than wheatgrass juice and no one grows, juices and protects it like us.

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There is a good base of wheatgrass research which touches many different areas of potential wheatgrass benefits. These are listed individually for quick access.

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We have tried to grow our own, buy local, and were never so satisfied as with your product. Our toddler son loves to chew on the cubes and is literally growing like a weed due to your fantastic product. Thank you for giving our family such a blessing and providing such a healthy lifestyle!!


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Wheatgrass Fact


Without question, great food improves sleep and energy.

Sleep is critical because the body heals and restores at this time. With wheatgrass juice, the body has the tools to make good use of this time. Are sleep and energy separate or linked? We don’t know, but we can tell you that it doesn’t matter because the end result is that you will be feeling great.

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Wheatgrass is high quality food that is desired because it contains a small amount of a broad range of nutrients.

Our bodies orchestrate endless biochemical reactions that create and maintain life. Some are called enzymatic processes and they are characterized by changing a molecule from one substance into another. This is how the body converts the foods we eat into things like bone, ligaments, finger nails, hair and tissue. You can read more about this at Wikipedia.

Each process requires a precise combination of nutrients to function properly. When a vital component is missing, a process will either be abandoned, require excessive amounts of energy to complete, or simply become dysfunctional. When all components are present, the processes occur much faster and consume a fraction of the energy of un-catalyzed reactions.

Click on the specific nutritional categories below to learn more about the sophisticated relationship between various nutritional elements.

Wheatgrass Nutrition Facts

Wheatgrass Fact


We make only one promise. We will give you the best wheatgrass juice we possibly can so that you have a pure, unadulterated and complete food source in your home.

We can confidently predict you will like it. We cannot predict exactly why. The benefits of food and therefore wheatgrass juice are many and varied. Individually, we have different strengths and weaknesses, so your experience will be unique to you.

The key is that grasses are singularly life sustaining and the foundational food for land based life. Your body has enormous capabilities and you can count on it, even if you haven’t been kind to it for some time. Just put some wheatgrass juice nutrition in and you’ll see, your body knows exactly what to do with it.

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