Break it down to the price per fl oz and you will be amazed to see that our highest price per oz is still almost 40% less than the juice bar. Add to that better quality juice, hundreds of fewer trips in the car, no capital costs, clean-up or hassles and you soon realize that the value is simply exceptional.

Check Our Prices!

Premium Juice – Lowest Price

  • Our juice is fantastic, there is no comparable product
  • Our price per oz is amazing and includes the overnight delivery
    • Juice bar is typically $2.99 fl oz
    • Our prices range from $1.25 – $1.89 fl oz delivered
  • We offer steep discounts as you purchase larger amounts of juice
  • Additional savings are available to those that can come to the farm
  • No surprises or gimmicks – just value
    • Everyone pays the same price
    • We do not run sales and promotions
    • Prices include the overnight delivery
    • Prices include all taxes
    • There are never any customs or duty charges
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