We do not know exactly why this food is so wonderful. We have been able to gather the observations of thousand of customers over the years and can share a few thoughts that resonate with us

It Is A Different Class Of Nutrition

Wheatgrass nutrition is different than anything we get in our day to day lives. Quite simply, human beings do not have sufficient digestive power to extract nutrition from such tough fibre. It is possible, that in your entire life, you have not been exposed to all of the nutrients contained in grasses. Grass nutrition is powerful and totally complete. This is evidenced by the many animals that subsist solely on the grasses including:









American Buffalo

European Bison


Water Buffalo






and more…

As you can see, these are not small animals. They are large, powerful, productive animals that have traditionally worked side by side with us. They also furnish us with leather, milk, wool and meat. When you start observing these simple facts you start asking questions like…what is a better source of calcium, milk or the grasses? That milk came from somewhere!

Nutrition Stocks The Pantry

Every process in your body is one of conversion. You need all the right ingredients in the pantry to make the recipes we need.

With only water, air and food, we build tissue, bones, heal ourselves, think, send electrical signals around the body and much more. Each day, the body creates about 25 million new cells and it is estimated that every 7 years, we will have completely refreshed every cell in our body. There is a lot going on.

When your body goes to work converting, it essentially mixes a set of ingredients together to form new substances (i.e. carrots and apples in, hair and finger nails out). The body is extremely resilient because it can perform complex substitutions when required. For example, when not enough calcium exists to form bone, the body can substitute phosphorus plus energy and still build bone.

When all the right ingredients are in place, the body makes conversions that are smooth and easy. When the right ingredients are not in place, complex conversions must occur and they consume massive amounts of energy. This energy consumption is on the order of 1,000,000 times more energy to complete a recipe when the body is missing ingredients.

With wheatgrass juice, we are using a complete food to assist in stocking the pantry with the right stuff. If you start today, you can literally influence 25 million new cells tomorrow.

Great Foods Promote Proper Body Chemistry

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

There is a much discussion today about good health and body chemistry. This has spawned a broad movement toward achieving balanced pH. For most, this means consuming more foods that produce alkalizing effects and less foods that create acidifying effects. The rationale dates back to work done by Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg who in 1931 was awarded the Nobel prize in Physiology / Medicine. Dr. Warburg looked at a complex relationship between acidic body chemistry, toxicity (caused by fermenting sugars), low oxygen states and corresponding sub-optimal performance of the body.

When pH Balanced ยป The Body Performs Optimally

Since most of us develop an acidic body chemistry over time, we need alkalizing foods to restore pH balance. Wheatgrass juice is a powerful alkalizer. It is also a preferred food because it seems to possess the ability to single-handedly change people’s body chemistry when used in sufficient amounts. As a result, it is exactly the kind of food needed to help jump start the processes of the body. It is also the perfect food to consume when life’s challenges (like travelling for work) get in the way of the lifestyle choices you prefer. For many, consuming wheatgrass juice is like have a license to exist in the world around us.

It is important to note that we don’t want our bodies to be either alkaline or acidic; rather, we are trying to achieve balance. We love our wheatgrass juice; but don’t think it appropriate to live on it alone. You can help your body build a solid long term foundation by using some wheatgrass juice and making great choices at the grocery store. To learn more, click the acid / alkaline balance with food lists.

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