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We work hard and spare no expense to make the best wheatgrass juice we possibly can. Questions? The most common are below. Get more answers in the FAQ or Contact us!


Your body creates 25 million brand new cells every day. This is supported only by what you breathe, drink and eat. Wheatgrass juice is amazing at helping maintain and sustain a vibrant life! Imagine the positive impact in just a week, month or year! In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that is 9,125,000,000 new cells every year that you can support with this amazing food.When you order before 12 noon EST, you can receive it tomorrow and the shipping is free.


Old world farming and high tech washing, packaging and freezing


Wheatgrass does not grow properly in the greenhouse. We only field grow our wheatgrass and as a result, our wheatgrass juice has a:

  • 6 x deeper root system
  • 10 x longer growth cycle
  • Up To 50% higher nutrient levels
  • Zero simple sugars (in the outdoor plant, they convert to complex carbohydrates)
  • Absolutely no wheatgrass mold problems

“Fresh” wheatgrass is grown in greenhouses like a potted plant. This environment accelerates plant growth, stops simple sugars from converting into complex carbohydrates and is highly conducive to mold growth.

All plants, including wheatgrass respond to the environment around them. The ever changing conditions of field growth trigger most of the highly desirable plant responses such as the release of phyto-nutrients. A better environment, means a better plant and much better juice!


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Field Grown

This produces better wheatgrass. Six times deeper root system, ten times longer growth cycle, zero simple sugars, higher phytonutrient levels, no detectable molds, and remarkably better taste.

It Must Be Juice

Our digestive system is not powerful enough to extract grass nutrition from the fibre. Juicing expresses the nutrition from the plant fibres which makes it 100% bioavailable and extremely easy to absorb.


Our juice is potent because it is unprocessed and kept raw & living through flash freezing. We also use an atmosphere free closed system which means no oxidation and no biological aging.

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Made From Wheat

Wheatgrass products should be made of wheat. DynamicGreens Wheatgrass Juice is always 100% pure wheatgrass juice. No substitutes, fillers or sweeteners.

Wheatgrass juice packets

Quick & Easy Use

0.5 Fl. Oz. cubes are easy to use for drinks and smoothies. There is absolutely no preparation or clean-up and it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Beyond Organic

We use only non-GMO seed grown at the farm and absolutely zero herbicides and pesticides. Soil humus is maintained through proactive land management.

Free From

No chemicals, no detectable molds, tested gluten free and sugar free. Our juice has no biological age due to our production and packaging methods.

Wheatgrass Juice Bag

Quality Packaging

Vacuum packed for 100% protection, BPA free, and leach tested at high temps.  Results exceed both FDA and European standards.

Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice Trusted Source

DynamicGreens is a family business with over 40 years experience growing wheatgrass. We know what we are doing and welcome your questions.