Delivery is a key competitive advantage for DynamicGreens because our prices always include free delivery and you get to pick the timeframe for arrival. There will never be any surprise charges and in the unlikely event of a delivery problem, we will correct it at our expense.

Countries Serviced

We ship coast-to-coast in Canada and the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). Our prices include free delivery right to your door. On rare occasions, such as the outer islands of Hawaii, only 2+ day delivery is available which limits delivery options.

No Tax / Duty

Our prices include everything and you will never see additional charges for shipping, taxes or duties.

UPS Is Our Delivery Partner

  • All boxes travel within the delivery country and are delivered via UPS
  • When we ship, we send an email that includes your tracking number
  • If you have any questions about or issues with delivery, please contact us

No Signature Required Upon Delivery

You do not need to wait at home for it to arrive. All boxes are shipped for delivery NSR (no signature required). Provided the delivery location is safe, the driver should leave your box even if no one is home.

Custom Shipping Boxes

200-fl-oz-boxOur shipping boxes were designed at the farm and built by Newdon Industries, a small family run company in Fergus, ON, Canada. If you are in Ontario and need polystyrene products, call Kevin Maggs at 1-877-823-8946.

These boxes are a shipping system with:

  • Interchangeable lids and bases
  • A 2″ thick wall for maximum thermal and physical protection
  • Contain a minimum of 6 lbs. of ice to ensure good delivery.
  • Our boxes are a type 6 recyclable and can be 100% reused when processed at the proper type of facility. Check out recycling options.

Good Delivery Guarantee

Order with confidence. Good delivery is 100% our responsibility. Virtually all shipments are delivered on-time but on the odd occasion where an issue arises we’ve got you covered.

Good delivery means that when the juice arrives, the green juice packages will be firm to the touch. The ice sheets in the box are designed to melt sacrificially to the juice and should show melt as intended.

If you have any issue, contact us and we will make it right.

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