Maximum Nutrition

Days 1 – 60

10 fl oz per day (5 cubes, 4 times per day)

Days 61 – 120

5 fl oz per day (5 cubes, 2 times per day)

Day 121 And Beyond

Drop it to whatever level you want (we suggest 4 cubes)



In usage for maximum nutrition, we will use lots of juice rapidly and likely cause some detoxification effects. If detoxification happens, it can present as none, any or all of the following:

  • fatigue
  • dull headache
  • skin rash
  • loose stool

If detox symptoms are experienced, they are a nuisance not a major disruption. Know that they represent positive change and they will pass in a few days as the body flushes itself. Detox is a one time event, when it passes, it will never return.

Should I Consider Drinking More

  • We believe that 10 fl. ozs. is the point of diminishing return, where you stop getting more usable nutrition regardless of consumption
  • We believe additional time and money beyond this are better focused on life balance for things like sleep, hydration, stress reduction, light exercise, meditation, food items like great organic produce, buying a juicer, taking a vacation or simply having a day at the spa.

Suitable For Everyone

Wheatgrass juice is amazing food that conceptually is like getting a salad in a glass. It is gluten free and appropriate for virtually everyone. You can drink any amount you wish and start / stop use at any time.


  • Each cube of juice is 0.5 fluid ozs
  • Add the desired number of cubes (0.5 fl. oz each) to an empty glass
  • Add 3x more water than juice (room temperature, non-chlorinated water preferred)
  • Stir to speed the melt and drink it as it thaws.
  • If you are using more than 2 fl ozs, we suggest spreading use into more than one occasion.
  • Traditionally, you drink the juice 15 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating although you can set any schedule you wish.
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