Wheatgrass juice is food and perfect for all members of your family. Treat it like it's a salad in a glass. If you can eat a salad, you can drink wheatgrass juice.

Some have reported mild experiences of loose bowel movement, light headache or a bit of fatigue in the first days followed by a strong sense wellness. If experienced, this can be a minor nuisance which will leave shortly and never return.

You should note that this is specific to our field grown wheatgrass juice. Greenhouse grown grasses often have serious mold issues. They can (but do not always) create extremely bitter taste, dizziness, nausea, instant splitting headaches or sometimes vomiting. These responses are caused by mycoxins released by mold(s), not the wheatgrass itself.

You will not experience any of these reactions to our field grown plants and juice.

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