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Does Wheatgrass Juice Oxygenate the Blood of Resting Individuals?

internet-journal-of-alternative-medicineClinical studies in the medical research literature strongly suggest that ingesting wheatgrass juice can help the body to heal from many diseases. While no studies have attempted to explain why wheatgrass juice has clinically proven benefits, many of the studies hypothesize that wheatgrass juice increases the oxygenation of the blood (and this leads to removal of toxins and increased cellular health). We have administered two ounces of pure wheatgrass juice to 30 resting adults and monitored the blood oxygen level using a pulse oximeter.

Results Summary

It is possible that exercising participants would show a change in blood oxygenation level upon ingesting wheatgrass juice or that blood oxygenation changes during a longer time frame. Our study was designed to test a commonly suggested, but unreferenced, “benefit” of wheatgrass juice. The results of our small study indicate that ingesting wheatgrass juice does not lead to an increase in blood oxygenation levels within 75 minutes for resting, healthy participants.

Mehan A. Pascuzzi B.Sc., Candee C. Chambers Ph.D.
Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mercyhurst College



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