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Wheatgrass Used For Maximum Nutrition

MAXIMUM NUTRITIONChemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the tools used to attack cancer cells. These tools are provided by your oncologist and work from the outside > in. Wheatgrass juice is not a drug or supplement and it cannot be sold to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, including cancer.

Wheatgrass juice is food. Since the body is fueled by only water, air and food, it makes sense to get the best of these things. Wheatgrass juice is unique because it provides complete and highly accessible nutrition so the body can do its very best to heal, maintain and sustain itself. This happens from the inside > out. Exactly what your body will do with this nutrition is uncertain but it will be supportive. The link that follows outlines how to get maximum nutrition from wheatgrass.

Maximum Wheatgrass Nutrition

Wheatgrass Related Research

Cancer Specific Research All Published Research

Setting The Right Goal When Addressing Cancer

Some view cancer like it is an outside invader that needs to be eradicated. Others, including ourselves, believe it to be a management issue that needs to be addressed.

We believe that managing our internal ecosystem is the critical factor in staying healthy. We also believe that the goal is to ensure that each day, when your body goes to war, it wins at least 51% of the battles. When you do this, you will continue to move towards good health. We believe that every single good thing you do is an important positive contributor. No single event is responsible, rather, it is a preponderance of helpful activities that gets you working optimally.

Three Things That Shape Our View Of Cancer

Repeat Success

Get Radical Remission from Amazon. It is less than $20 and a New York Times best seller for a reason.

The book is inspirational, based on published medical research and it outlines 9 common strategies used by over 1,000 cancer survivors. You will save hundreds of hours scouring the internet and get a complete picture of what we believe you need to know.

Of particular note, there is solid focus on the mental aspect of disease which we believe is immense. In the context of this book, we would describe wheatgrass juice as being part of strategy 1 and 4 (but not the other 7 strategies).

Get the book, read it and draw your own conclusions.

See The Impact Of Food

Dr. William Li, who heads The Angiogenesis Foundation (companion site Eat To Beat) did a very informative TED talk indicating that cancerous tissue is common, found in all of us and generally inactive. He says:

  • Approximately 40% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have microscopic breast cancer
  • Approximately 50% of men in their 50s and 60s have microscopic prostate cancer
  • Virtually 100% of men and women in their 70s have microscopic thyroid cancer

The real issue at question is whether or not these cancerous cells take hold and grow.

Watch the video to see what he has to say and feel free to comment at the bottom of the page with your thoughts.

Cancer Doubling Rate

On October 24, 2011, the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson was released.

The book is a compilation of 40 interviews taken over a 2 year period and chapters 35 – 42 focused on Steve Jobs and cancer (among other things). In particular, a spotlight was shone on Steve Jobs decision to delay conventional medical treatment for his cancer by 8 months as he attempted alternative approaches. In the book, it is inferred that this delay cost him his life.

American physician and author Dr. John McDougall was aware of this discussion and took issue with the conclusion. This video discussion focuses on delving into cancer doubling rates, what they mean and how they applied to Steve Jobs.

Tell us what you think in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

A Suggested Approach

Understand And Explore The Capabilities Of Conventional Medicine

There are many different cancers, with different stages, treatments and prognosis and you need to educate yourself. Conventional medicine brings to the table outside intervention strategies which typically include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. You need to know what is available because some cancers such as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Colon Cancer, caught at the right time, can be 100% cured with existing conventional strategies. At the same time, there are other cancers with no effective treatment regimens. In such cases, an argument can be made that invasive treatment regimens with a poor prognosis can decrease your quality of life unnecessarily.

Note that significant advances are being made in Immunotherapy. In the right circumstances, the proper application of these therapies is drastically increased the survival and cure rates. You should find out whether or not this might be available to you. There are also other treatments in development such as anti-angiogenesis related drugs and some of these are already on the market.

Do Something Different

Regardless of your choice regarding conventional medicine, one thing remains constant, the treatment process will end. Even if you achieve a 100% cure, when you return home you need to do something different. It makes sense that returning to the same inputs will create the same outputs over time, so we need to make adjustments.

We believe that making positive adjustments sooner rather than later are always beneficial. External medical intervention comes and then goes. Making choices that strengthen your body will stay with you 7 x 24 x 365. We do not think being healthy is based on any singular event, rather it is a result of many factors coming together. This is easily proven via many simple strategies that improve health and well-being such as stress management, ensuring a safe work environment, removing chemicals from your home, getting enough sleep, hydrating properly, quitting smoking, losing weight, getting light exercise and eating right.

Your Doctor’s Opinion

When discussing complementary strategies with your physician, our customers have expressed:

  • 1/3 of physicians strongly support complementary medicine
  • 1/3 of physicians are ambivalent toward complementary medicine
  • 1/3 of physicians strongly oppose complementary medicine

Give your doctor information they can work with. They cannot keep up with the hundreds of different ideas expressed by patients and they may not specifically know about wheatgrass juice. To get good advice, we suggest indicating that you are very drawn to and have been eating a lot of leafy greens. This is very clear and will help you get the best possible advice.

You need to form your own judgement and move forward as you see fit. As farmers and health enthusiasts but not health professionals, we will never contradict the advice of your pharmacist or physician.

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