DynamicGreens wheatgrass juice is not available in retail stores. While wheatgrass powders, tablets and juice are widely available in stores, the quality is not even close to what we produce. To get our juice, you need to buy it online for home delivery or visit the farm for pickup. This is a far better system for several reasons.

How you benefit:

  • you get better juice
  • we never have to pasteurize it
  • our juice is fresher because we cycle our inventory as frequently as possible
  • we always select the very best juice to ship
  • our freezers are far colder than those at a retail store
  • we can ship virtually anywhere at the same delivered price coast-to-coast
  • you can buy in large quantities and access significant discounts
  • you can come to the farm and get to know your farmer

Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Comparison

We want you to have the best wheatgrass juice on the market. The photos below were taken in May 2015 with a mobile phone, flash on, just above the rim of the glass. Both frozen wheatgrass juice products were prepared identically which means adding 3 parts room temperature water to produce a gentle but speedy thaw. The visual, aromatic and taste differences are enormous. Here are the pictures side-by-side:

DynamicGreens Wheatgrass


Store Bought Brand


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