kitchenNo! Please do not thaw wheatgrass juice in the refrigerator overnight.

When we make the juice, we are extremely careful to keep the environment atmosphere-free. This keeps oxygen away from the juice and prevents it from biologically aging through oxidation. When the wheatgrass juice thaws, think about it like peeling a banana. If you peeled a banana and left it out, in a short period of time it would brown, the texture would change and the taste would become unpleasant.

Similarly, changes occur rapidly in wheatgrass juice and left to sit this way will cause the loss of vitamins and enzymes. By adding 3 parts room temperature water to the juice, you assist it in returning to a liquid state quite rapidly without oxidation and the combination of our flash freezing and a quick thaw means that you are in fact drinking a fresh drink.

Just make sure to keep the water temperature warm but below 108F and you will not damage any of the nutrients. If the cubes are taking too long to thaw, just add a little more water. Never thaw wheatgrass juice overnight.

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