Our Quality Baseline Is Chlorophyll

Yes, wheatgrass juice contains chlorophyll but it is much better than that. Wheatgrass juice is food, not a supplement and that means that it contains not just chlorophyll but the entire supporting cast of nutrients that make foods work. It does however serve as a handy baseline for us to use in creating a quality floor. If it doesn’t contain a certain amount of green “liquid sunshine” then we don’t keep it.

During production, we use a spectrophotomer to ensure that we meet a minimum concentration of chlorophyll.

A spectrophotomer measures the transmission and absorbance of light in specific frequency bands. This allows one to target and measure the density of specific elements. There are actually several types of chlorophyll includng chlorophyll A, B, C1, C2, D and F. We do our testing on chlorophyll A as it is the only one directly involved in the process of photosynthesis. You can read more here about chlorophyll at Wikipedia.


Wavelengths Measuring Chlorophyll A And B


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