The focus of these centers is to coach, support and educate people on strategies that lead to vibrant health. In the course of educating, you become the most important agent of change and the goal is to noticeably impact your overall well being during your stay.

Educational Retreats

These retreats are well regarded and worth consideration if you intend to make the move into raw foods and just don’t know where to start.

Common Elements

Support you holistically by focusing on nutrition, the body and mind. They often incorporate:

Wheatgrass Juice

  • 4 – 12 fl. oz. per day (8 – 24 cubes per day)

Raw Foods

  • liberal use of wheatgrass juice as it is a complete and singularly life sustaining food
  • raw food centric dietary intake
  • removal of all animal proteins
  • removal of all forms of simple sugar


  • light activities intended to get the body in motion
  • motion encourages stagnant fluids to move through your body
  • motion requires energy and your body brings in more oxygen to compensate


  • active involvement in all aspects of food selection and preparation
  • each process includes a “take home”educational component


  • focus on mindfulness
  • cleansing the mind allows one to pause for a moment and respond more skillfully to life’s challenges
  • development of coping strategies and stress management techniques
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