imgres (2)No. Nutrition and whole foods are the best way to sustain and maintain life. Supplements have been extensively studied and the results indicate that you should discontinue them. Here is why:

They Are Totally Incomplete

  • Science has identified more than 3,800 phytonutrients with thousands more known to exist
  • Supplements contain 25+ vitamins and minerals but are literally missing thousands of nutrients
  • Foods that are raw, living and complete contain the unknown which is thousands of identified and unidentified nutrients
  • Therefore, getting your nutrition from food sources is very important.

They Are Not Effective

  • Nutritional literature has many examples of helpful substances being effective as food sources and completely ineffective when taken in a pure form.
  • Look to the Ohio State University study of lycopene as a good example. In testing, the consumption of tomatos (a good source of lycopene) produced terrific results while lycopene extract was totally ineffective.
  • In the U.S. Physicians’ Health Study I, researchers tracked over 22,000 doctors with half taking beta-carotene and half taking placebo. After 13 years, the study showed no results (positive or negative) from this use.

They Can Be Detrimental

  • Nutrients bind to specialized receptors in the body
  • Supplements contain many synthetics that are extraordinarily similar, but not quite identical to nature source nutrients
  • These synthetic forms can fill the receptors and as a result, prevent food source nutrients from binding with them. The problem is that natural source nutrients produce a benefit while many of the synthetics do not.
  • In the U.S. Physicians’ Health Study II, researchers tracked 14,642 doctors, aged 50 and older. Each was given one of 16 different combinations of placebo, vitamin C (500 mg synthetic ascorbic acid), vitamin E (400 IU of synthetic alpha-tocopherol), beta-carotene (50mg Lurotin) and multi-vitamin (Centrum Silver). After 12 years, users of the supplements showed statistically significant increased mortality rates and no protective qualities from the use of these supplements.


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