Airplane travel 3Our wheatgrass juice is absolutely fabulous; however, travelling is not its strong suit and perhaps not even recommended. Based upon our experience, here is what we suggest:

Scenario 1

Those Drinking Small Amounts (1 – 2 Fl Ozs / Day) Going On a Short Vacation (Less Than 3 Weeks)

Our advice…leave the wheatgrass juice at home and enjoy your vacation worry free.

People find that when they have been drinking wheatgrass juice regularly in small amounts, that nutrition has become a part of them. Your body will find what it needs tucked away in your blood, bones and tissues.

When a customer runs out of juice and forgets to reorder, this is what they tell us. They wake up one day and feel that something is off. Suddenly, it dawns on them that they ran out of wheatgrass juice about 3 weeks earlier and forgot to reorder. It takes about that long to fully work its way out of your system.

Scenario 2

Those Drinking Small Amounts That Are On The Road Frequently

This would typically be an airline pilot, truck driver or frequent business traveller. Here is what you do:

  • 71Qs2a4T7HL._SL1500_Buy a high quality, wide mouthed vacuum bottle like the Stanley 2 QT / 1.9 L which advertises 24 hours hot and 32 hours cold. Here are a couple of sources:
  • Ready the bottle for use (remove paper inside and wash it)
  • Remove the cap and put it into the freezer empty, allow the entire bottle to soak up the cold completely
  • Once the bottle has been in the freezer for at least 1 hour, add wheatgrass juice cubes, cap the bottle and put it back in the freezer
  • When ready to travel, remove the bottle from the freezer and pack it into your luggage
  • When you arrive at your destination, put the bottle back into a freezer and use the cubes as desired

Scenario 3

Extended Vacations In Canada Or The United States

Just have us deliver to you. We deliver virtually everywhere in Canada and the United States so you do not need to carry anything with you at all!

Scenario 4

Extended Vacations Elsewhere

You can always carry the juice with you. Just keep our shipping boxes and the ice packs we provide (they are special). When you intend to depart, pack the cooler box and take it with you.

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