The quality of the packaging has been given careful consideration and it is one of several core differentiators that creates outstanding juice. We know of no better way to package the juice to keep it in perfect condition and promote the excellent health of our customers.

Packaging comes in a whole continuum of qualities ranging from cheap to very expensive. The low end of the packaging lines are dramatically inferior, very porous (air moves freely in and out of them), they come from the cheapest supplier and they often have surface contaminants. High end packaging is very expensive (it costs roughly 10 x more), is non-porous, contains known materials and is manufactured to rigid specifications. Our wheatgrass juice bags are very expensive and made of extremely high quality materials by a highly reputable manufacturer.

The wheatgrass juice bags are a high grade PET plastic with a nylon laminate on the outside and are manufactured in Denmark. They provide a 100% barrier protection against oxygen, do not contain bisphenol A and conform to much stricter European content standards including leach testing. The bags have been independently laboratory tested for 10 days periods with constant temperatures of 104 F and been shown not to leach. In addition, the juice bags are kept in our freezers which means no access to air, heat or light which are damaging factors to the juice and no heat or UV rays which break down plastics. You can review the testing documentation here:

Conformance 7/12/2006 Conformance 8/14/2012
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