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No Funny Business

Our business is totally rooted in integrity. We do exactly what we say and even overfill our packages by 5% to make sure you always get a great deal.


We make by far the best wheatgrass juice you can get.
We are the only product that is wheatgrass juice, made from field grown plants and kept unpasteurized. Seems simple, but it’s just us. For you, it means much higher nutrient density, zero simple sugars and far cleaner juice that tastes good.


Pretend powder is juice.

Say field grown while planting in the greenhouse.

Tell you it’s full of life and then HPP process or pasteurize it.

Tell you it’s flash frozen when it sits for hours first.

Organically certify and spray with organically certified herbicides and pesticides.

Shortchange you by pretending shots are 0.75 oz (they are 1 oz).

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Customer Reviews

I am extremely impressed with your wheatgrass juice! It tastes GREAT! So much better than powdered wheatgrass!!

Randolph, USA

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Prices 36-58% Less Than A Juice Bar

Not only do you get the best wheatgrass juice available, the prices are exceptional. You literally save hundreds of trips to the juice bar and spend much less. The larger the size you purchase, the better the price per oz.

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Scan the QR code and follow the prompts to “Add To Home Screen”. This gives you everything you need to succeed. Focus on points 1, 2 and 3 which show opening the box, choosing a serving size and preparing the juice.
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