Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice

Many Things Make Us Unique

We are wheatgrass specialists.

We are non-GMO and tested gluten free.

No herbicides, pesticides or chemicals ever.

We field grow our wheatgrass.

We make juice.

It is always raw, living and unpasteurized.

The best juice AND the lowest price per oz.


We self-source our own seed and it is non-GMO. Our seed stock is heirloom seed that has been used locally for at least two hundreds years.

Beyond Organic

We adhere to standards that surpass organic standards which allow the use of processing, organically certified chemical sprays and greenhouse growing.


Totally unprocessed, our juice is raw, living and bio-active. This means no pasteurization, pascalization or irradiation of your juice.

We Make Better Juice

Wheatgrass juice is all we do and we are the experts in our field. Our juice is Beyond Organic, unpasteurized, field grown, more nutritious and it tastes better.

We Spare No Expense

Our wheatgrass juice is made to retain maximum nutritional power regardless of the effort or expense involved. Everything decision we make supports this goal.

Our Prices Are Fantastic

We have free overnight delivery everywhere in Canada and the United States and prices as low as $1.25 per fl oz. You are getting premium juice at farmer’s market prices.

Our Land Is Unique

We farm protected land called the Oak Ridges Moraine, a unique soil collection deposited by the last great ice age. The Moraine enables simultaneous planting on multiple soil types which mitigates weather variability and keeps us chemical free.

We Keep Only The Best

Only 25% of our crop is harvested at any time. We pick fields with the best performing soil type for the season, choose the very best within this group and harvest and juice. The rest is plowed under.

Simple Farming Methods

We work hard which means executing time consuming old world farming techniques. We overlay these with modern machinery and this allows us to work chemical free across the board to make amazing juice.

Higher Nutrient Levels

Our plants are always field grown where the constant variability of nature produces plants with far higher phytonutrient levels. You simply can’t compare a field grown plant to one grown in the greenhouse.

No Greenhouse Mold

When you field grow, the plant is clean and pure with no mold contamination. When you greenhouse grow, mold is a certainty even for the most conscientious grower. You can find out more at Wheatgrass and Mold.

No Simple Sugars

Field grown plants mature correctly and simple sugars convert fully into desired complex carbohydrates. Greenhouse grown plants are immature and full of undesirable simple sugars.

Extremely Efficient Juicing

When we make juice, it is done in a single continuous process. We wash, dry, juice, filter, pack and freeze quickly making sure there is no “dwell” time in our juice making. The result is beautifully clean juice that retains the powerful lifeforce of sensitive organics.

Zero Biological Age

Our entire juice line is a closed system and atmosphere free. This means the juice cannot be degraded through oxidation. No dwell time plus no atmosphere means no biological age in our juice.

Nitrogen Flash Freezing

We don’t just say we freeze quickly, we actually spend the money to do it. We use liquid nitrogen stored at -320°F which is the most powerful technology available. It is the most effective way to stop the biological clock and maintain nutrition.

Better Than The Juice Bar

Typically $2.99 per fl. oz. at the juice bar, but more important, they use greenhouse grown grasses which are notorious for having significant mold issues. With our juice, you save money, avoid hundreds of trips in the car and get better juice.

Better Than The Store

All juice resold at retail must be pasteurized, pascalized or irradiated. Juice sold from the farm is biologically active, raw, living, potent and unpasteurized.

Better Than Cut Grass

Once cut, plants lose as much as 75% of vital nutrients within 48 hours. The quality of cut grass is on a steady decline from the moment it leaves the plant.

Way Better Than Growing

We produce a quality of plant and juice that you simply can’t achieve at home. When you use our juice there is no growing, no management, no juicing, no clean-up. Growing really is a second job and we can save you all that time and give you better juice.

Come To The Farm

We are the Stem family and have been making juice since 1972. Want to get to know us better, come to the farm.

We Answer Questions

We are the wheatgrass juice experts and have the answers you seek. Call us toll free at 1-877-910-0467 or view all our contact options.

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