DSCN0304Choosing our wheatgrass juice means selecting the field growing modality over greenhouse growing. By making this choice, you get far higher nutrient levels, no simple sugars and most important, you avoid the well known greenhouse mold issues. There is no comparison between a field grown plant to one grown in the greenhouse.

We Only Field Grow

Flash frozen wheatgrass juice is far more potent than wheatgrass juiced on the spot and the key reason is the quality of the plant.

  • Proactive land management is key
  • We both crop rotate and fallow the land
  • We constantly feed the land with organic material
  • Time consuming and expensive plowing and discing are used in stark contrast to the no-till methodology of modern agriculture
  • There are big benefits to natural air, rain, sun and soil

More Nutrition

  • most wheatgrass is grown in the controlled environment of greenhouses
  • field growing dramatically enhances nutrition
  • wheatgrass grows much slower outdoors
  • the plant is a much darker green and has a different physical appearance when grown outdoors
  • nature self fertilizes with simple things such as natural rainfall that picks up atmospheric nitrogen as it falls
  • ever changing environmental conditions strengthen the plant as new phytonutrients are released to compensate
  • nutrient levels test anywhere from 10% to 50% higher in a field grown plant

No Greenhouse Mold Problems

  • Field grown grasses do not have problems with mold
  • All greenhouse grown wheatgrass suffers from mold issues
  • You can read about this in detail at Wheatgrass And Mold

The Resulting Plant

The key advantages of field grown wheatgrass vs greenhouse grown wheatgrass are:

  • 6 x deeper root system
  • 10 x longer growth cycle
  • 50% higher chlorophyll levels
  • Zero simple sugars (in the outdoor plant, they convert to complex carbohydrates)
  • Superior nutrition due to higher phytonutrient levels
  • Absolutely no wheatgrass mold problems
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