Shipping Box Recycling


Our shipping boxes are type 6 and 100% recyclable when accepted by your local recycling program. In Ontario, Canada, the City of Toronto and Peel Region accept type 6 and you can place your shipping box right in your blue bin for recycling. Your area may also offer this service so check if you can.

Recycling The Shipping Boxes

recycled-shipping-boxSpecial thanks to Laurie in Calgary, AB, Canada for showing an amazing way to repurpose our shipping boxes. She turned them into beautiful planters (see the two boxes on the right side of the picture) after being inspired by this how-to link.

For the rest of us…the boxes are 100% recyclable if you can get them to a type 6 recycling center. You can find these centers for drop-off and mail-in by following this link:
Recycling Locations

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