Wheatgrass Juice Available


I should have updated this a while ago. We have had wheatgrass juice available since June 1st. The spring harvest went well and we expect no availability challenges.

Oat Grass Juice Available


Oat grass juice exclusively available at the farm. Widely available as powder but never as living, unpasteurized juice. Oat grass juice has a sweeter taste and a similar nutritional profile to wheatgrass juice. Tell us…are you interested…are their other things you would like to see us do.

Fall 2012 Harvest

Wheatgrass Farm Fall HarvestIt is fall harvest time! Please excuse us during this time as telephone and email coverage is a bit difficult…also, orders are best placed online. We’ll do our best to respond but be will be focused on juice making first for the next 3 weeks or so.


Spring Harvest 2011

Wheatgrass Farm Fall HarvestThe spring harvest is coming!

We’ve got crew preparing for it and have never been more ready.


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