Your source of wheatgrass juice makes all the difference. Field grown plants (like ours) produce good tasting juice. Greenhouse grown plants have mold issues that make them very bitter and unpleasant.

Taste From Field Grown Plants

Wheatgrass juice is not delicious like orange juice or apple juice but it is pleasant when prepared per our instructions. The taste of the juice can be best described as:

  • Neutral and unfamiliar but not unpleasant
  • Mildly sweet with some similarities to green tea
  • Has a mild aroma similar to a freshly mown lawn

If you would like to experiment, follow this link for wheatgrass juice recipes.

Taste From Greenhouse Grown Plants

If you have read about or experienced terrible tasting juice, this is from bad juice. Plants grown in the greenhouse are notorious for having mold issues and high sugar levels. These combine to create a sickeningly sweet yet bitter taste that is very unpleasant. Of more significance, poisons called mycotoxins from the mold can create side effects such as instant splitting headache, dizziness, nausea and occasionally vomiting. These side effects are often described as detox; however, they are in fact food poisoning. Read more about Wheatgrass Detoxification.

It is important to note that the mold issues are a product of the growing environment not the person. Most people who grow wheatgrass are conscientious individuals deeply interested in excellent health. They are simply do not have the experience to understand that growing wheatgrass like a potted plant in the greenhouse is a fundamentally flawed approach.

Our wheatgrass is grown outdoors, is exceptional clean and it is the best tasting wheatgrass juice you can get.

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