Wheatgrass Juice vs. Spirulina: Battle of the Superfood Titans!

When it comes to natural drinks, wheatgrass juice and spirulina juice have substantial benefits for health-conscious individuals. Both are widely celebrated and have earned the classification of “superfoods” for their ability to benefit the human body in many ways. However, are these two titans of the health world created equal? Is one better for you than the other? Which would triumph when we examine their strengths in detail?

Often referred to as an herb, spirulina is a blue-green algae found in freshwater rivers, ponds, and lakes. Spectacularly rich with nutrients, it boasts high levels of phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. Spirulina also contains protein and B vitamins as well as vitamins E, K1 and K2.

It contains antioxidants, which are your body’s first line of defense against free radicals, and its Gamma-linolenic acid content allows it to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Spirulina’s high concentration of chlorophyll found may also provide a natural way for your body to detoxify itself. The Haelan Centre includes spirulina among its recommended remedies for Premenstrual Syndrome, if you’d like to check out related dietary strategies.

In contrast to its aquatic counterpart, wheatgrass juice is ultimately a product of the soil. It goes by the name of Triticum aestivum, also colloquially known as the young grass of the wheat plant. It can be found in temperate regions throughout the United States and Europe; it can be grown indoors or outdoors. Hardly a slouch itself, wheatgrass juice possesses seriously positive qualities. It boasts vitamins A, C, E, and B complex (including B12); it also contains magnesium, selenium, cobalt, zinc, germanium, sulfur, calcium, iron and amino acids.

Wheatgrass juice contains notable amounts of chlorophyll, and even has been touted as an aid against indigestion. This study reports that it increases the oxygen content in blood, which provides an excellent aid in stimulating circulation. We’d love to see more in-depth research done on sueprfoods like this.

In some quarters, wheatgrass juice is even claimed to help alleviate certain conditions. Frankly, we think something is worth drinking just to solve bad breath. In all cases, use your best judgment and remember that exercising daily and eating a healthy diet remains the best way to lose weight and improve your overall health.

Wheatgrass and spirulina are both heavy hitters when it comes to health benefits, they’re terrific for you in liquid form, and make they excellent additions to smoothies. What’s our recommendation? Why pit two “superfood” titans against each other at all when they both contain so many nutrients?

Alternate between them or make each a regular part of your daily regimen! Try them both and discover your preferences between the two if you can’t incorporate both into your daily diet. Do you have a preference for either of them? Do you use both together? Let us know today at Dynamic Greens!

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July 11, 2020
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How Do You Freeze Wheatgrass Juice


We start with 11,000 gallons (41,639 liters) of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is stored at -321 Fahrenheit (-196 Celcius). The power of our freezing system is staggering and one of the most important factors in helping us achieve the juice quality we seek.

Drinking Wheatgrass Juice At The Farm

Ellen In Adele’s Ear

Adele enjoys some wheatgrass in the most unconventional way in this comedy piece from the Ellen Degeneres show. Enjoy!

Question About Wheatgrass Delivery


How much extra is it to ship to Canada?

Nothing. Our prices never have extra charges. The prices you see are all inclusive and in the currency of the delivery country. We always includes everything required to get it to you overnight with no surprise extra shipping fees, duties or taxes. You can see our prices here:

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How does the wheatgrass juice stay frozen during the shipping process?

All shipments are delivered overnight, so they come quickly. The boxes are well insulated, have lots of ice and have 1.5 days of ship life in them. If it is delivered to your home and opened when you return from the office, everything will be well frozen.

Does the frozen wheatgrass have all of the same benefits as fresh wheatgrass never frozen?

Frozen wheatgrass is dramatically superior to the greenhouse grasses that you refer to as fresh. It is much more accurately described as being field grown wheatgrass vs greenhouse grown wheatgrass. We only field grow and our juice has 10% to 50% more nutrients (ie. iron is 10%, chlorophyll is 50%), no simple sugars (roughly 15% in the greenhouse) and no molds (all greenhouse grass have mold issues). This makes it more nutritious, sugar free and far better tasting and tolerated.

Learning To Think And Code

Learning To CodeScreen Time You Can Live With

Our house has no TV and the kids get very little screen time. We found that whatever was saved by parking the kids in front of a screen was paid for 2x over trying to end the activity.

We do have screens, particularly computers and they can be used for good. Anything that helps us learn to think, create and action items is terrific.

We have found a web-based learning to code tool that we really like. Check it out at:



Screens Are Disrupting Our Sleep. Here Is The Fix.

The late night viewing of television, computers and smartphones / tablets is problematic. The type of light is disrupting our sleeping patterns which removes the opportunity for the body to properly rest and restore itself.

The issue seems to be the high levels of blue light produced by our LED screens. While bright and easy to see, the unintended side-effect is that the bright light mimics daylight and tells us to wake-up.

There are some simple solutions that automatically dim your screens and change the temperature of the colors to remove the offending blue.

F.lux (Mac / Windows / Jailbroken iOS Devices)


Twilight (Android)


Sleep well!

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