What you need to know about GMO (genetically modified organisms)

Dr. Joseph Mercola is interviewing Dr. Don Huber about the implications of GMO crops.

A large part of the problem is the herbicide glyphosate that the seeds
are designed to be compatible with. Please make sure you watch 4:35 – 8:12 to get the most important detail.

You will hear that glyphosate is a chelator that immobiles something called cations. The end result is that nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, potasium and others may be present in foods but are not biologically available to the plants or to us. The problem is significant, is currently impacting feed crops such as corn, soy beans and alfalfa and is being transferred to us. The end result is a peculiar limited malnutrition that has caused the resurgence of 40 plant diseases and serious fertility issues in animal populations. In theory and likely in practice, we are also seriously affected although the evidence supported this is still building.

Recycling The Shipping Boxes

recycled-shipping-boxSpecial thanks to Laurie in Calgary, AB, Canada for showing an amazing way to repurpose our shipping boxes. She turned them into beautiful planters (see the two boxes on the right side of the picture) after being inspired by this how-to link.

For the rest of us…the boxes are 100% recyclable if you can get them to a type 6 recycling center. You can find these centers for drop-off and mail-in by following this link:
Recycling Locations

DynamicGreens Wheatgrass Juice Is Gluten Free

gluten-freeYes! Our wheatgrass juice is safe and tested gluten free, but many wheatgrass products should not be used. Please read this entire message for a complete understanding.

I can recommend our wheatgrass juice to you without reservation. You will be pleased to hear that there is no gluten in our wheatgrass juice (click here for test results). The reason is that gluten is produced by an enzymatic process. Enzymatic processes are ones in which two or more ingredients come together to create an entirely different substance. As gluten is the product of an enzymatic process which combines proteins only present in the grain, wheat grass and wheatgrass juice do not contain gluten. When we harvest grass to make the juice, it is 7″ – 11″ high and in a completely green, grassy state. In our process, there are many weeks between planting and harvesting and no overlap between equipment that touches seed and equipment that cuts or juices the wheatgrass. We have many customers with gluten tolerance issues or celiac disease that have used and continue to use our wheatgrass juice with no problem.

That said, I did spend some time on Celiac.com and have some important information for you. Jamba Juice which has a gluten free menu does not list wheatgrass juice as being gluten free. This seems to be a handling issue as there is too much contact with the seeds that do contain gluten and some are so sensitive to gluten that just a brushing contact may set them off. I’m concerned that the close contact with the seeds may be a problem in indoor grown products where the grower is moving from planting (touching seeds) to juicing in the same daily cycle. There are reports of issues on Celiac.com.

To summarize, I can only recommend our wheatgrass juice (DynamicGreens) because we control the process and can assure you that there is no cross contamination between seeds that contain gluten and juice. Celiac.com users have reported problems with other products and Jamba Juice in particular does not give gluten free assurances.

Wheatgrass Gluten Free Test

Spring Harvest 2011

Wheatgrass Farm Fall HarvestThe spring harvest is coming!

We’ve got crew preparing for it and have never been more ready.


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