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Wheatgrass Juice Experts™
Continuously refining our craft since 1972

Our Advantages

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Amazing Plant

Grasses are singularly life sustaining.  There is no other food in any grocery or health food store that can make the same claim.

About Wheatgrass

Superior Juice

Nothing compares. Field grown plants give us more nutrition, far better taste and none of the sugars / molds from greenhouse grasses.

Our Juice

Quick And Easy

Ready to drink in under 2 minutes with no growing, juicing or clean-up.  Our juice is convenience without compromise.

How To Use It

Terrific Benefits

Our bodies are powered by only water, air and food.  Nutrition is not just important, it is critical to get the best to be your best.


Beyond Organic

At the Stem Family Farm, we do it right. We field grow, are chemical free and only make unpasteurized biologically active juice.

Beyond Organic

Incredible Value

Just $1.25 – $1.89 per fl oz which includes overnight delivery! Pick a size, choose the arrival date and we do the rest.

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Ask Questions!

Talk to us. We are the domain experts and have the answers you seek, the juice you need and unmatched quality and prices.

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