Wheatgrass Juice Flash Frozen In Our Nitrogen Freezer

Watch Us Make Wheatgrass Juice

Old world farming and high tech washing, packaging and freezing.


Wheatgrass Powder vs. Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass powder and tablets have only a fraction of the bioactivity of the juice and should be avoided. There are … Continued

Stem Family Wheatgrass Farm

What Is Wheatgrass? What Is Wheatgrass Juice?

Wheat grass is potent raw, living food. The grass itself comes from the common wheat plant (species triticum aestivum) when … Continued

Why Is Wheatgrass So Good?

We do not know exactly why this food is so wonderful. We have been able to gather the observations of … Continued


Beyond Organic Wheatgrass

Our wheatgrass juice is (and always has been) far beyond organic. We use only self-sourced non-GMO seed and absolutely no … Continued


Unique Land

Our farm is located in the middle of the world’s largest permanently protected green space called the Ontario Greenbelt. Within … Continued

field grown wheatgrass

Field Grown Wheatgrass

Choosing our wheatgrass juice means selecting the field growing modality over greenhouse growing. By making this choice, you get far … Continued


Advanced Technology

Wheatgrass juice farming equipment simply does not exist. Of course, our tractors are factory standard, but much of our other … Continued

Wheatgrass Seed

Is Your Wheatgrass Seed Non-GMO?

A wheat seed is called a “wheat berry”. Our seed (wheat berries) comes from local heirloom stock that has been … Continued


How Do You Handle Weeds And Pests?

Our wheat grass is produced without the use of any herbicides or pesticides. To accomplish this, we require good planning … Continued

Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice

DynamicGreens Wheatgrass Advantages

Many Things Make Us Unique We are wheatgrass specialists. We are non-GMO and tested gluten free. No herbicides, pesticides or … Continued


How Much Wheatgrass Should I Drink?

Wheatgrass juice is amazing food that conceptually is like getting a salad in a glass. It is gluten free and … Continued

Wheatgrass Juice Recipes

Wheatgrass juice can taste great when it is done right. Field growing makes all the difference and you will really … Continued

Highest Quality Wheatgrass Juice

Our wheatgrass juice really is a labor of love. Of course, we are also our own best customers so when … Continued


Unpasteurized Wheatgrass Juice

Our wheatgrass juice is a totally raw, living and biologically active food. This means that it is not only unpasteurized, … Continued

Wheatgrass Juice Labels

High resolution images of the labels we put in our boxes are available here. Check them out, including the instructions … Continued

Wheatgrass Juice Bag

Wheatgrass Packaging: Plastics, BPA and Chemical Leaching

The quality of the packaging has been given careful consideration and it is one of several core differentiators that creates … Continued


Is Your Wheatgrass Juice Gluten Free?

Yes! Our wheatgrass juice is safe and tested gluten free, but many wheatgrass products should not be used. Please read … Continued


Wheatgrass Nutrition Facts And Lab Tests

There are a variety of technologies and laboratory test procedures that we perform to ensure quality and safety. Of particular … Continued

Social Channels

This section contains links to all DynamicGreens Wheatgrass social media channels. We are currently active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and … Continued

Wheatgrass Blog

DynamicGreens Wheatgrass Blog

Wheatgrass blog keeping you informed about news and views related to wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice. The blog is updated continuously … Continued


How Much Wheatgrass Juice Do They Use At Raw Food Retreats And Education Centers?

The focus of these centers is to coach, support and educate people on strategies that lead to vibrant health. In … Continued

Wheatgrass Juice Store

Buy wheatgrass juice online. We will deliver your wheatgrass juice to your door. Click the appropriate flag to see what … Continued

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Amazing Value

Break it down to the price per fl oz and you will be amazed to see that our highest price … Continued


Books About Wheatgrass

These are all solid wheatgrass books that cater to different types of readers Steve Meyerowitz’s wheatgrass book is the most … Continued

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